Monday, May 11, 2009

OMG Teleteria Helped Me!

Oh My God! Thank you so much Jay Servidio and the crew at Teleteria! If it weren't for your guidance my family and I would be living on the streets.

I was a successful stock broker and my husband was an executive at a major bank. Just in the last 16 months our life fell apart! I know longer work on wall street and he is no longer a bank employee. Things were going down hill fast.

One night we were surfing the net looking desperately for a way out. I was talking with one of my neighbors - a soccer mom - about our financial woes and that we were considering doing something with websites. She told me to go to and check them out.

It's true - when one door closes antoher opens. We found that door! Teleteria!!!! Jay Servidio gave us a crash course in owning our own site. We spoke with a designer and marketing people and we took a chance. Guess it wasn't much of a chance since the adult business is gold right now. We've been working on marketing our website and are in the process of buying three more!

Owning our adult site has been easy. Teleteria has made it very easy! There's no set schedule and with Teleteria we're given all the tools we need to be a success. We just have to do it. Servido has been awesome. We're now doing very well and while we no longer have power positions that's ok because we no longer have ulcers or worries.

Teleteria is a quick, safe avenue to success!

Mazey & Robert